Terrazza Marconi

Minimamare di Gio Ghiandoni

Giovanni Ghiandoni (born 1971)

Forty seascapes by a child of Senigallia.

Proposed by Loris Cucchi

   Each city has its own gaze, a way of expressing its landscapes and people, its lights and shadows, that give shape and substance to a community.

   For Senigallia , that gaze is the eye of a photographer who, through a single shot, is able to narrate a small piece of his own inner world, through the city, her land and her sea. Many men and women in our city continue to approach this style of art, and that look for the most authentic way to express their feelings and visions through a camera lens.

   And this is how, like in a dream, the most secret and profound soul of Senigallia emerges from the dazzling white and tarry black in the images of our great photographers, such as Giovanni Ghiandoni.

Paolo Mirti