Studio Zelig

Ragazzi del ‘77 di Roberto Scuro

Enrico Scuro (born 1952)

Twelve lively photographs of the famous bolognese wild summer movement.

Proposed by Enea Discepoli

   The summer of '77 came to life in April in Bologna, in the classrooms of the DAMS, an art institute occupied by the students who were demanding creative freedom and social equality; and it was immediately sprinkled with the blood of one of them who was shot by the Police.

   It was a summer of celebration and pain as it still appears in a photo album on '77 in Bologna, published almost by chance on Facebook by Enrico Scuro, a phenomenon was born that has involved and impassioned more than a thousand people. With more than 1200 photos, accompanied by thousands of comments, reflections, memories, this book reconstructs in over 500 pages the unique experience shared on Facebook and tells an epic the past with the eyes of the present but from the point of view of the protagonists.