Spazio Piktart


Pino Dal Gal (born 1936)

Mario Giacomelli (1925-2000)

On display 35 works by Mario Giacomelli (1961, "Slaughterhouse") and Pino Dal Gal (1976, "Chicken story").

Proposed by Simona Guerra

The final, bloodiest part of these lives destined for the food assembly line are told without veils and without ever dressing up as conscientious objectors. From the very first images, it jumps out at you that those who are killing them no longer consider those photographed creatures as animals but as simple meat for slaughter. Beasts that today are no longer bred but produced, as we read in more than one site of large companies in the sector.

Words have weight. Two complex works, very different in style and approach, which, as Pino Dal Gal affirms, become "a metaphor for one side of the reality of living", proving to be more topical than ever and capable of calling to mind many political, social and environmental situations in which the strongest dominate the weak and defenseless for logics that can always be traced back to their own interests.