Rotonda al mare

Pasolini's long road of sand

Philippe Séclier (born 1962)

Photographs of the Adriatic beaches, following in 2001 the same path chosen by Pier Paolo Pasolini during his reportage in the 1959.

Proposed by Christine Coste

   In 1959, Pier Paolo Pasolini drives his Fiat Millecento for a complete tour of the Italian beaches. He is a special envoy for a magazine with large circulation, Successo. The 1959 report is published in the 1990s under the name: La lunga strada di sabbia

   In 2001, Philippe Séclier set out on the writer's trail and now the Biennale of Senigallia pays tribute to the murdered poet, presenting this vibrant and sensitive work: "I realize today that during each of my stays in Italy, I have in one way or another crossed paths with Pasolini, until the long sandy road led me to his footsteps. I wanted to follow in his footsteps, to see what he had seen, heard and felt, and to follow the road with him, as he had described it."

   Philippe Séclier's images were published by Xavier Barral in Paris in 2005, then by Contrasto in Italy.