Museo Pio IX

Becquerel process

Jerome Monnier (born 1963)

Contemporary daguerreotypes, the celebrated Becquerel process without mercury.

Proposed by Jerome Monnier


   Graduate of the École du Louvre, graduate of the Institut national du patrimoine section restoration. Participant in conferences and publications. Lecturer for 10 years at the INP.

   Intervening since then in the field of thedaguerreotype: practice and restoration. Independent restorer of photographic heritage since 1994. Works with museums and private institutions as well as collectors.

   Uses the daguerreotype medium in a historical and artistic approach.


Mike Robinson (born 1962)

Five contemporary daguerreotypes.

Proposed by Jerome Monnier

   Mike Robinson is a modern master of the first photographic art. A daguerreotype is a unique photographic object, essentially an edition of one. Mike's fine art work in the daguerreotype combines a classical sense of beauty with the high level of technical skill required for success in this medium, which remains unsurpassed for its image quality and permanence.