Hotel Bice

Senigallia postcards

Black and white, sepia and vivid colored postcards of a Senigallia, such as the one depicting the boats moored along the Misa canal.

Proposed by Andrea Brunetti e Caterina Fenocch

   The phenomenon of the picture postcard exploded in 1900 with the Universal Exhibition in Paris. It was purchased as a souvenir, sent as a small gift, used by those who could afford travel and vacations. The postcard has made the history of paper and communication: thanks to it, friends, family and lovers have exchanged greetings and thoughts. Sending a postcard is a gesture of affection that tastes of nostalgia, curiosity, sharing, timeless charm. The beauty of the cardboard support, the image that depicts the places of the vacations, the reduced space for words, the intimacy of handwriting, today given way to sms and messages typed on the phone, is a real collector's item.

Senigallia postcards

Animated by Camillo Nardini

A lunch and after lunch at Albergo Bice, with a workshop animated by Professore Nardini, how to write postcards in the elegant latin language.


“We live, my Lesbia, and we love

And every perfidious murmur of the old

Is worth the vilest coin to us.

The day may die and then rise again,

but when our brief day dies,

an endless night we will sleep.

You give me a thousand kisses,

and then a hundred,then give me another thousand, then a hundred,

then a thousand more, and so a hundred.

And when they are one thousand

and one thousand

we will hide their true number,

lest the envious cast the evil eye

For such a large number of kisses.”