Corso II Giugno

Process for murder

A Historian finds the murderer

Few photographs of Filiol’s process for the murder of the Rosselli brothers, which inspired famous Italian register Bertolucci.

Proposed by Michel Lefebvre

Jean Filliol, the hood's killer, the main architect of the crime, had disappeared in 1945, he had taken refuge in Italy

   It is cold, the road is snowy, a car brakes suddenly, an oncoming vehicle blocks its path. After a few minutes, the passenger of the blocked car gets out of the vehicle, men appear, shots are fired. The faces of the assassins are not visible, but we can guess that the assailants are killing him with a knife. The victim's wife also tried to flee, the killers will find her in the woods and shoot her. In another car parked below, the crime's sponsor, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, watches the crime, impassive. It is the final scene of Bertolucci's The Conformist