Associazione Bellanca

La modella di Cavalli

Giuseppe Cavalli (1904-1961)

Lively portraits from the 1950s.

Proposed by Renato Pizzi

How Senigallia entered the Italian history of photography ? By a summer day of june 1938, an elegant automobile stopped on the national road for a lunch pause, children were excited with the idea of summer days in the fresh Alps (Dolo-miti). After a curb, the sign indicated a restaurant,La Villetta. Time for a pause. Food was excellent and the father asked where they were. Surprised to learn the safe and famous Senigallia beach was so close, the family decided to have a look...

He decided in 1938 to move up 340 kms from Lucera near Foggia in the Puglia, to Senigallia where his two children went to school. Two years later, Cavalli published the first folder of the series Immagini, and initiated a cultural dialogue with artists Federico Vender, Ercole Marelli, Walter Faccini, from Milan; Mario Finazzi, from Bergamo; Ferruccio Leiss, from Venice, and his twin brother Emanuele in Florence, where he often gathered with colleagues.