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Twins - Gemmeli

Patrizia Lo Conte (born 1954)

Fifteen photographs of twins together with a few vintage portraits of twins,19th and early 20th centuries

Proposed by Alfonso Napoletano

   So similar as to confuse friends and relatives, but endowed with autonomous and sometimes conflicting personalities, bound by an almost indissoluble relationship of affection that can give great strength, but also limit the encounter with the world.

Sometimes telepathic qualities are even attributed to twins, probably because of their intense, mutual understanding. For a single person it is difficult to understand what it means to be born, to be and to live as a twin. One is mirrored in the other, lives in perpetual fusion, and is constantly exchanged for the other.

— How good is it to be a twin?

—Very — is the answer, or so it seems. Ironically, one could say: You don't need to look in the mirror because you are already mirrored.

Patrizia Lo Conte

Street photography

Exhibition being transferred to another place

Photo-Camera, “Au Brésilien"

Fifty lively and natural street portraits from the 1950s.

Proposed by Barnabé Moinard

"Photo camera has just photographed you. Your lively and natural portrait will be a wonderful souvenir for you. We invite you to come and collect it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or at 2pm the following days by presenting this card at the address below: "Au Brésilien", Tabac Lafont, 3, rue du Général Foy, open every day until 8pm. The large standard portrait: 130 frs.”

   The ticket was handed out by the street photographer to passers-by.

Families groups of friends, accomplices or solidary people lost in their thoughts, all were photographed, at the same distance, vertically. When some hurry the step or move away the worried eye, others take the pose the time of a moment. Sixty years later, a string of attitudes, styles, hairstyles and faces of an era pass by; lively certainly, but above all surprisingly natural.