Palazzo del Duca

Mario Giacomelli, new rooms

Palazzo del Duca, Collezione Civica

Photographs chosen in the Collezione Civica are now exposed in three permanent exhibition rooms recently opened.

Organized by the Civica Collezione del Comune di Senigallia


2020 marked the twentieth anniversary of Mario Giacomelli's death. The City of Senigallia, City of Photography, continues to pay tribute in 2021 to one of the international masters of twentieth-century photography,dedicating a wing of Palazzo del Duca to apermanent exhibition of his works donated in the 1990s by the artist himself to the City.

   In a redeveloped portion of Palazzo del Duca, which for years has hosted the exhibition program of the city of Senigallia, about 80 photographs will be available, selected and setup in collaboration with the Giacomelli archives represented by the two directors Simone Giacomelli and Katiuscia Biondi.